Your Adventure Destination List Isn’t Complete Without Antarctica

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Iceberg Antarctica

Antarctica has become an adventure destination for just about any kind of traveler — depending on when you go (November to March during summer) and what you want to do. Once known as a continent where few dared to venture and live to talk about it, today’s Antarctica still holds mystery. Its seasons and offerings as an adventure destination take into account all the research and science we now have about this polar climate, allowing for a safe holiday created for every type of journey, experience, and activity level. Let’s just touch on a few.

Low-level adventure

Scenic flights over the continent: total of 14 hours (only 4 of which are over the land mass)
Cruise ships:  usually depart from Ushuaia, crossing the Drake Passage
Wildlife watching: penguins, seals, and whales

Mid-level adventure

Helicopter tour

Intense level adventure

Antarctica zodiak

Cross-country skiing
Zodiac cruising
Scuba diving
swimming in Deception Bay (caldera warmed by a hot spring)

Are you ready to pack your bags and be on your way to Antarctica? Reach out to us with your must-do list of awesome ideas, and we’ll craft your dream journey to the South Pole (or as close as you want to get to it). Santa shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy a polar region.

* Vinson Massif, Antarctica’s tallest mountain, at 5,000 meters (expedition takes around 20 days)