When is the Right Time to Take a Grand Tour of Italy?

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Florence Italy Courtyard

How many of us like to celebrate milestone birthdays or an anniversary by checking off one (or some) of our bucket list trips? Why is it we wait for these moments in time? I’m sure a lot of it is our finite resources — time and/or money. We want to make sure we do everything we have dreamed of and at the perfect timing to do it. Take, for example, a grand tour of Italy.

Italy — just saying the name conjures up images of majestic cliff-side towns along the Amalfi Coast, rolling meadows of grains in Tuscany, canals and alleyways of Venice, antiquities and archeological sites in Rome, and old world vineyards with backdrops of volcanoes in Sicily. If all the above are on your list, then one of the best ways to see it all could be an ocean cruise.

Unpacking once, traveling between destinations while you sleep, and having your first cup of coffee or tea served to you by your butler onboard are just some benefits you’ll experience. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is when and on which cruise line — and that’s where we come in.

Choosing the best fit for you takes our expertise and experience of having traveled on both large and small ships. And there are benefits to both . . . it just depends on your goals for your journey. A smaller vessel, like the fleet of Scenic and Atlas, allow you to get into port to dock in some of the most sought-after areas, like Portofino. Whereas a larger vessel, like Celebrity, may have to dock in places further away from your goal experiences. After speaking to us, we’ll be able to handpick the perfect partner in delivering to you the long-dreamed of journey that keeps playing like a cinematic trailer in your mind.

Your first step is sharing with us your vision. Contact us today to start that conversation — even if it’s a couple of years out.