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Thank you, VIP Alexandria readers, for visiting me here at Evolution of Travel, your luxury destination travel agency. I know that narrowing down your options for your chosen destination, like Japan, can be overwhelming and frustrating. Researching and booking everything can easily go wrong in getting all of the details taken care of– causing your vacation to be full of annoyance and tension, but it shouldn’t be that way. My clients feel confident and relaxed because they know I’ve taken care of everything for them. My white glove professional planning fee includes:

  • Understanding client expectations and preferences
  • Curating one-of-a-kind immersive experiences
  • Confirming that you’ll receive “first class” service throughout your journey
  • Keeping you informed of all your pre-trip deadlines for to-dos
  • Responding to you with solutions and options while you’re in destination
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Our Promise to You

You talk, we listen to understand your preferences and vision for your journey, allowing us to confirm that our services are the right fit for you.

Curate & Share

We’ve taken care of every detail, curb-to-curb of your journey, by partnering with industry leaders and global travel brands to ensure best in class service and rates– giving you access to unique accommodations, private transportation and first-class, exclusive experiences. We collaborate with you until every detail is exactly right.

Monitor & Follow

We manage and monitor all details of your trip to ensure stress-free travel— our superpower is anticipating where logistical challenges might occur and plan with these hurdles in mind. Your time is precious, and we’ll be keeping an eye on the details so you can fully Love the Journey in every unique moment.

Welcome Back & Feedback

Once you return from your travel, we want to hear everything about your journey to ensure your next adventure is even more memorable.