Travel is on the Rebound as Borders Open

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US Borders Open

With the U.S. now allowing vaccinated travelers from 33 countries, including China, Brazil, South Africa, India, and the 26 nations in Europe’s Schengen zone, into the U.S. for leisure travel, competition for space in domestic travel is on the rise– like hotels and resorts that might have had good availability are suddenly filling up.

Borders are Open

Given the timing, this means that if you do not yet have your travel for the festive season booked, you should contact me right away and get your space reserved. Airline bookings from Europe to the U.S. have surged in the last week.

This also means that flight prices to Europe and these other countries could start to go up as demand crests, and space in these countries could start to open up. Like many Americans, travelers in other areas have been doing a lot of domestic travel (or travel within the European Union/Schengen zone for Europeans). With a new market opening up, there are more places to go. It also might mean some countries will ease up on restrictions at least for vaccinated Americans given that the U.S. will now let in their citizens.

Christmas Markets Open

For you, this might mean you can now find availability on a river cruise to check out those Christmas markets in Europe. Perhaps you can ski the Alps instead of the Rockies this winter.

Another destination that could be opening up soon is Australia. The country wants to vaccinate at least 80% of its 25 million citizens before allowing international leisure travel for vaccinated visitors. Australia is about halfway there, and tourism minister Dan Tehan said last month that “at this rate” the country would open “by Christmas at the latest.” The U.S. is expected to be on the list of countries whose citizens are welcome to visit Australia provided they are fully vaccinated and adhere to other protocols.

Slowly but surely, the world is reopening. Let me help you plan to see it all.