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I’ve always planned my family’s journeys across the state or around the world. This is how we Love The Journey.

Quiet moments of watching people pass by while sitting on a bench in sunny Paris.

Drifting to sleep while the strings of the pub guitarist waft down the alleyway in The Rocks in Sydney.

Sipping an afternoon cocktail while watching the wake you leave behind on your way to your next port of adventure. 

Today is the day that has been inevitable for most of my life. Today is the day for me to live my passion. Today is the day that I ask you — are you ready to Love The Journey?

Whether your journey will be three weeks from now, two months from now, or a year from now, isn’t today a great day for you to know who your partner will be to move your dreams or visions of getting away into a plan, and eventually reality?

Join me in those plans. I’m waiting.