Finding Zen and Wellness

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Finding Your Zen

As the pandemic still has lingering psychological effects, our minds will need time to process what has happened. Some will have survivor’s guilt and some will feel uncomfortable being in crowds after getting used to isolation and associating it with safety. We’ll need to take a deep breath and come to peace with what we’ve experienced– and a wellness getaway can help you find your zen again.

Travel in 2021 Rest Easy

It’s up to you how immersive your wellness journey is. It could be as simple as a spa treatment as part of your vacation, either at your hotel or on a cruise. Relieving built-up tension in your muscles and getting a dose of aromatherapy can be totally refreshing. You can spend the rest of your time exploring your destination, seeing the sights, and reveling in the return to livelihood.

Zen and Wellness Tourism

On the other end of the spectrum, you might make wellness the focal point of your vacation. There is an array of wellness resorts to visit that get you to unplug completely. You turn in your phone at check-in, there’s no wifi in your room and your time is filled with living in the present moment. At Miraval resorts, “Miraval Mode” comes with a bed for your smartphone to take a break, and devices are allowed only in a few designated areas. Doomscrolling is absolutely not allowed. You’d be amazed at how much your perspective can change when you really focus on what you can control and allow yourself to unwind.

Zen and Wellness Food

Perhaps you’ve picked up some dietary habits over the last year that you’d like to reverse. All-inclusive fitness and dietary retreats like St. Lucia’s Body Holiday or the Chenot program at L’Albereta in Italy’s lake country can help you detox and get back on the right track, establishing healthy habits and letting you enjoy beautiful surroundings while you do it. 

A lot of us didn’t get enough sleep to begin with, and the pandemic only exacerbated that problem. Nidra yoga programs like the one at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain and detox treatments can help ease the mind and body. 

Zen and Wellness Resort

A focus on rest and refreshment and a journey into the self can prepare you to move forward as a parent, partner, and person. Be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others, and spread that kindness through a world that is hopeful but still hurting. 

If any of these destinations are calling you for 2021, contact us today– capacity limits are still in place in some destinations, which will limit your options.