Wanting to getaway to the Adriatic Coast? Croatia is waiting

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One of the most desirable destinations on the Adriatic Coast is Croatia due to it being lesser known—meaning less crowded. It’s also a country that has opened its borders to U.S. Citizens in the last few weeks, allowing those with current passports to have another option for international travel besides Mexico or the Caribbean. 

Croatia Blue Water Adriatic Coast with Boat

Croatia is where old and new world comes together in a blend of culture and cuisine. Cosmopolitan beach towns like Split give way to rolling hills and mountain peaks surrounding towns such as Motovun. The most known fortress-walled city in the country is Dubrovnik, and its guarded harbor was one of the most sought after for centuries. The wars and occupations of the harbor are what have influenced the cuisine of the area—you can taste Italian, Greek, Turkish, and Slavic flavors throughout the region. 

If you’ve always wanted to get away to Croatia, now is the time. But how do you choose between the beaches on the Adriatic or the mountain towns nestled in the Dinaric Alps. Rule of thumb for Croatia: Coastal towns on the Adriatic during the winter and spring, mountain towns in the Alps during summer and fall. During the shoulder seasons, you could have the best of both worlds if you have the time.

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